We have organized markets since 2004 in England, Norway and Sweden. We have met lots of happy customers and host town representatives. Please take a look at the reviews they gave us!







“Thank you for this time. We are very pleased with you and the job you did here in Stryn. We have received many positive feedbacks from the audience and would like to have you back next year. You’re absolutely right that one time per year is appropriate.”


Jørn Sønsterudbråten

Daglig Leder at Fagre Stryn






“Three fantastic days in Ottamartnan with crowded streets and gorgeous weather, is now history. I talked a bit with Odelia all days. She seemed professional and it looked like she tackled the task as a manager at Traditional Market well. She confirmed that the Food Safety Authority had been there, but they had no report to show. No deviation, and that’s good!”


Ruth Øien Mæhlum

Hotelldirektør / General Manager
Ottamartnan Festival, Otta






“Everything has been very good! Nice people and nice and good food. I have been in contact with Stefano, and he is a very gentle and polite man. I hope you will come back to us next year.”


Line Gustavsen







“The market was well attended and highly appreciated by the visitors. A visit gave the customer an exciting experience and delicious flavors and products from all over Europe that ever held a high-quality material with Swedish prices.”


Letter of recommendation!


Micke Glans

Exhibition Manager The Tall Ships Races

Halmstad – Sweden






“The traditional Market” has been visiting our “Lillehammer-dager” (three days with various activities and shopping) in June for the last two years. The customers and inhabitants in Lillehammer love this market – and we are looking forward to welcome them again!”



Aud Hulberg

Managing director
Lillehammer market







“We were extremely pleased with the market provided. Henry was an excellent market manager and from discussions with all the traders on Saturday evening I believe it was a huge success for both parties.”


Rhian Prosser

Town Centre Manager
Merthyr Tydfil







“I was so impressed with the market that came to Bridlington a few days ago and was hoping that it may return again some time. I was hoping you could possible tell me if it may return and if it does when so I know to have my money saved ready for then, also if it does come back will it be the same stores with the same people in or different as I have made so many new friends all at one market in our tiny park.”


Harley Scott






“The continental market provided by Traditional Market Ltd. contributed greatly to the success of The Billericay Christmas Market. The variety of stalls and international flavour helped create the right atmosphere reflecting all that is good in Christmas markets held in mainland Europe. Everyone wants us to repeat it again next year and hold a summer event as well.”


David Randall

Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower Organisers
of The Billericay Christmas Market






“I can confirm that Olivier Simonin operates a fantastic traditional market. It is well managed, of good quality, well priced, clean and tidy, ground rent is paid on time and it is well received by visitors.”


Terri Hall, Events Executive
Victorian Dockyard Festival, Portsmouth



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