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The aim for the International Food Market is to bring the flavours and the atmospheres from Italy, France, Spain and many more European countries to customers in Norway, Sweden or Scotland. It is a lively and inspiring food festival, with 12-30 traders offering diverse food experiences from all over Europe.

Advantages for host towns

We are providing a unique atmosphere adding life, colour and vibrancy to the street scene.


The market will bring local people, tourists and people from neighbouring towns and regions to your city, hopefully shopping and enjoying other services at the same time.


This will be of advantage also for your city and provide wider economic value to existing retailers, hotels, restaurants and commercial and touristic attractions. On numerous occasions 


shops and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the market have requested us to return as soon as possible.



The market is organized in city centres on high streets, squares or in shopping centres. It can also be linked to any existing event or festival.



For the host town the market is totally free of charge. It is well-organized and reliable. Our market is fully covered by a £5 million public and liability insurance.


Although we do not charge the host town anything, there are some essential requirements for a successful event.



The market needs a good central location with easy access for customers.


A market square or suitable pedestrian street is preferable, but in some cases a car park or road closure can be a possibility too.


We need power supply availability for lighting, refrigeration etc. If not available on site, we will bring our own generator.



If alcohol is to be sold (street tastings or sales) an occasional liquor licence needs to be arranged. We also need to have a parking lot dedicated for the traders’ vehicles. Preferably, host towns will also provide garbage disposal and refuse collection, but if needed the market organizer can help with this.

Publicity, promotion and sponsorship

We would appreciate help from the host town getting pre-publicity in local and regional press, radio and television. Past experience has shown that when local authorities assist with the pre-publicity in media the events are more successful and the response to the markets is better.

See previous press articles

For the promotion, we can send you photos,  posters, and leaflets, that you can distribute in shops, tourist information points, and other public places. We can also send you a press release by email. By post, we can send you big banners, that you can hang in visible places in your city.

We are very positive to sponsorship, cooperation with and involvement of local institutions, e.g. local and regional educational institutions, authorities, music halls, travel agents, vehicle dealerships, language schools and restaurants.


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